Simon Peter, Fisherman

The Thursday of Holy Week (the week preceding Easter) is called "Maundy Thursday" and occurs on April 18 this year.  It is the day we commemorate Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples.  At 7:00 PM on Maundy Thursday, we will celebrate the Ordinances of Feetwashing and the Lord's Supper.  Prior to the Ordinances, Maranatha Productions, Inc., will be with us to present, "Simon Peter, Fisherman."  This is a live, interactive drama.  A free-will retiring offering will be received for Maranatha Productions.

Throughout this engaging drama, based on accounts from all four Gospels in the Bible, Simon Peter responds to important questions that are posed to him.  His answers determine what happens to him and eventually to many others.  First he is asked by Jesus along the Sea of Galilee, "Will you follow me?"  Later when he attempts to walk on the water as Jesus does, Peter must answer Jesus's question: "Why did you doubt?"  The question perhaps that Peter answers with the most regret is: "Aren't you one of his disciples?"   Following the Lord’s Supper with Jesus, Peter can hardly believe his own denial of his master.  Peter's responses to these questions reflect both his desire to follow Jesus and his weaknesses in trying to do so.  Such can be the case for Jesus’s followers today, but with the blessing of salvation and forgiveness that comes with Good Friday.


Throughout the drama, Peter's wife provides insights into his thoughts and actions.  They both interact with the audience, and several audience members become part of the cast to help retell the Biblical accounts.  Such spontaneous audience participation helps members of the audience experience the reality of the accounts as well as remember the message of the drama beyond the time of its performance. 


A professional actor with Maranatha for many years, Corey Thomas portrays Simon Peter with a range of emotions as reflected in the Biblical accounts.  Corey has played major roles in various Maranatha productions, including “Martyred, the Chet Bitterman Story,” “his words: HIS WORD,” “Daniel, Bold to Pray,”  and “Jonah, Are You Listening?” Also with Maranatha for a number of years is Kimberly Lapham, who takes on the role of Peter's wife, reflecting on his ups and downs in following Jesus.  Kimberly has also performed lead roles in “Divine Gift” and “The Gift of the Magi” as well as in her own one-person dramatization of “Esther,  A Light in a Dark Place.”  Lois Neidermyer, Executive Director of Maranatha Productions, serves as narrator for "Simon Peter, Fisherman."  An educator by profession, Lois acts in numerous productions and writes new scripts for this nonprofit drama ministry. 


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