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Ladies' Bible Study - Tuesdays @ 10:00 AM (Lower Level)

Open to all women - join us Tuesday mornings for Bible Study!


What is God’s purpose for me as a woman? Have you ever asked yourself that question? More importantly are you afraid of the answer you may receive? To be honest, purpose isn’t the easiest topic for us to discuss. The subject of a woman’s purpose stirs up all sorts of different reactions among women. Either we feel like we’ve heard it all a hundred times before, or, for one reason or another, our lives haven’t followed the accepted blueprint, and we dread getting left out of the conversation one more time.


Is God’s purpose for us too small? Does it only fit some of us and then only for certain seasons of our lives? Does God have a purpose that is big enough for all of us? Or are some of us doomed like Cinderella’s stepsisters to be forever trying to squeeze into a pair of shoes that simply don’t fit?


Join us as we explore the ways in which women are uniquely equipped to fulfill God’s purposes. Don’t worry-----No woman will be left behind in this study.  We have a great GOD and His purposes are big enough to include every woman.