In August, Pastor Jensen kicked off a message series entitled, “Tackling Today’s Touchy Topics” at the 8:00 and 10:30 AM Worship Services.  This series is looking at several current “touchy” topics from a biblical perspective.  Why are we presenting a message series like this?  First and foremost, many believers have questions about these matters.  Second, we want to equip followers of Jesus with the tools that are necessary to respond biblically to these matters.  One of our purposes as Christians is to go and make disciples of Jesus.  In our witness, we need to be ready to reach out to lost persons who are deceived and need to hear the truth of God’s Word.  Some in our congregation may prefer that we avoid these “touchy” topics.  Others may be tired of hearing about them on the news or in society.  Others may be concerned that we may lose attendees due to the nature of a series like this.  Therefore, Pastor Jensen is asking everyone to be in prayer during this message series.  It is very important that we bring the WHOLE counsel of the Word of God to the people of God – even when it comes to touchy topics.  If the church cannot be a safe place for Christians to examine these matters from a Biblical perspective, then where can we go?  Below is a list of the remaining topics, message titles and Scripture texts in this message series.   


Cultural Marxism

“Cosmic Cultures in Conflict” – Isaiah 14:12-15

Critical Race Theory

“A Critical Look at a Leading Theory” – Romans 5:12

Social Justice

“Woke?  Weak?  Wake Up!” – Psalm 89:13-16

Police and Civil Authorities

“Defund?  What About Deference?” – Romans 13:1-7


“Will the Real Rainbow Please Stand Up!” – Romans 1:18-27

Gender Identity

“The Blurring and Blending of the Binaries” – Genesis 1:26-27