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In introducing the Model T in October 1908, Henry Ford proclaimed, “I will build a motor car for the great multitude.”  I think it’s safe to say that in that case, when Mr. Ford said, “I will” he meant said.  He kept that promise.  Many people boast, “I will do this, or “I will do that,” but fail to keep their word.  Several years ago, Pastor Jensen did a message series based on Jesus’ “I Am” statements (“I am the bread of life, I am the door, I am the light of the world," etc.).  He is now presenting a new message series based on many of the “I will” statements Jesus made based on the ESV translation of the Bible.  Please note:  This is series is not an exhaustive coverage of Jesus’ “I Will” statements.  We can be confident of this:  Anytime you read a statement in the Gospels where Jesus said, “I will,” you can totally and completely be confident that He will do what He said He will do.  Some of Jesus’ “I Will” proclamations are based on a condition.  Others are negating statements (such as, “I will not” or “I will never”).  We will look carefully at the context in which Jesus made these statements.  The connection between an “I Will” statement and its context may surprise you in some cases!  The series will go through Lent, Palm Sunday, Easter and continue through Ascension and Pentecost Sundays.  Below is the tentative “I Will” series schedule.


Feb. 18                                 

I Will Raise It Up” - John 2:13-22

Feb. 25                                 

“I Will Make You Fishers of Men” - Mark 1:16-20

Mar. 3

“I Will Warn You Whom to Fear” - Luke 12:1-12

Mar. 10                                 

“I Will Give You Rest” - Matthew 11:20-30

Mar. 17                             

“I Will Show You What He is Like - Luke 6:46-49


Mar. 28 (Maundy Thurs.)

“I Will Not Drink Again of This Fruit from the Vine"                        

- Matthew 26:20-30


Mar. 31 (Easter Sun.)           

“I Will See You Again” - John 16:16-33  

Apr. 7                                     

“I Will Go Ahead of You into Galilee - Mark 14:27-31  

Apr. 14                                   

“I Will Continue to Make it Known” - John 17:20-25  

Apr 21                                   

“I will Come Again and Take You to Myself"

- John 14:1-6


Apr. 28                                   

“I Will Build My Church - Matthew 16:13-20

May 1                                     

“I Will Give You a Mouth and Wisdom - Luke 21:5-18 

May 8                                     

“I Will Raise Him Up” - John 6:41-59

May 5                                     

“Whatever You Ask in My Name I Will Do It

- John 14:13-14


May 12 (Ascension Sun.)   

“I Will Be With You a Little Longer - John 7:32-52  

May 19 (Pentecost Sun.)   

“I Will Ask the Father; I Will Come to You"

- John 14:15-30

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