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More and more of our members are using online bill paying these days instead of traditional check writing.  To support this trend, the Stewards, in partnership with the Technology Team, have selected and implemented an Online Tithing product from Vanco. 


Click on the links below for instructions on how to access and use the Online Tithing application.


Questions on Online Tithing can be directed to our Treasurer, Amy Kreiger.


Online Tithing Instructions


Online Tithing via Mobile Device



Online Tithing Instructions:

Initially, tithers are advised to use the Internet application to get started. 


This is the URL to access the internet application:

Copy and paste this URL into your web browser.  You may want to add this URL as a ‘Favorite’.


The Internet application is rather easy to follow. 

  1. For the first time, you need to click on ‘Sign Up’ in the upper right corner.  This registers you to the application.  On subsequent accesses, you click on ‘Log In’. 

  2. Click on the fund to which you want to tithe and follow the instructions, remembering to enter data in all required fields.

  3. Remember to ‘Logout’ when you are ready to leave the application.  To ‘Logout’, click on ‘Profile’, then the ‘Logout’ option. 


Tithers receive email notifications as their tithing transactions are created and processed.


Online Tithing via Mobile Device:

Downloading the App

The Vanco app is available from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.  The name of the app is ‘Vanco Payments Mobile Access’.  The Vanco app can be downloaded the same as other apps. 


NOTE – Do not be confused if you see multiple Vanco apps, such as ‘Vanco Mobile Faith Engagement’.


Signing into the App

It may not be necessary, but it may be advisable to register yourself as a tither via the Internet application first.  That same sign-on is used for the mobile app. 


Using the App

The app is pretty easy to follow.  First time users may be asked to join a communication group.  This appears to be a default group containing all tithers.  Follow the prompts to join the group. 


Giving through the App

The process uses the same terminology as the Internet application.  Tithers have the same fund options, giving frequencies, and payment options.  Please note that once you enter a payment method (ie, bank account or credit card information), that info is saved so the tither does not have to re-enter that data for each giving transaction for that same payment method.


One Note of CAUTION!

Be prepared for the app to take a few seconds after submitting the transaction.  It you get impatient and hit the button again, thinking nothing is happening, you will receive error messages that imply the transaction was NOT submitted.  However, it may have been because the error message is tied to the most recent hit of the transaction button.  If you do receive an error message, you are advised to check your transaction history first to confirm whether the transaction was actually submitted.  You should also receive a confirmation of the transaction via email.


Also, as an aid to the tither, it appears the app does NOT allow the tither to submit the exact same transaction a second time.  The app advises the tither that they must change something – the amount, giving frequency, the fund, etc.  This is a safety check by the app to prevent the tither from submitting a duplicate transaction.



As with the Internet application, tithers are reminded to be sure they sign out of the mobile app when they are finished.

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