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Information and FAQ's

More and more of our members are using online bill paying these days instead of traditional check writing.  To support this trend, the Stewards, in partnership with the Technology Team, have selected and implemented an Online Tithing product from Vanco. 


Click on the links below to learn more about Online Tithing.


Questions on Online Tithing can be directed to our Treasurer, Amy Kreiger.


Online Tithing Features


Questions and Answers



A few features of online tithing provided through Vanco’s product:

  1. Tithers can create tithing transactions to auto-draw from a bank account or a credit card.

  2. Tithing transactions can be set up at different frequencies, eg, one-time, weekly, monthly, etc.

  3. Tithers can establish their own tithing levels.

  4. Tithing transactions can be set up through either an internet application or a mobile app.

  5. At the outset, tithing can be directed to one of two funds – General or Building.  Additional funds can be created as needed.  For ex, Mission Trip, Youth, Camp Yolijwa scholarships, or New Hope Ministries.


Questions and Answers:

  • How can I modify my tithing transaction once it has been created and activated?Recurring transactions can NOT be changed.  They must be deleted.  Newtransactions can be created to increase or lower your designated tithe.

  • When does the tithe get taken from my bank account?  That depends on the bank, but it usually happens within a few days.  ECOG does not have any input to this.

  • When does the tithe get assessed to my credit card balance?  That again depends on the credit card company, but it usually happens within a few days.  ECOG does not have any input to this.

  • Who sees my financial information, ie, banking and credit card numbers?  This information is housed and protected by Vanco.  The only individuals at ECOG who may see this information is our financial analyst/treasurer (and their backup).  Pastors, offering collectors, Steward members, Tech Team members, and other office staff – None of these individuals have access to members’ banking and cardholder information.

  • How is my personal banking and cardholder information being protected?Vanco is already compliant with industry standards (PCI) for safeguarding personal banking and cardholder information.  They are audited to ensure compliance (ECOG will likely be a part of some of these audits). 

ECOG is also required to be compliant with applicable PCI industry standards.  Safeguards are being put in place.  Policies have been drafted to help ensure compliance.  And, ECOG pastors, office staff and volunteers are being provided with requisite training on the policies and best practices to ensure these individuals are fully aware of their responsibilities. 

  • How do online tithing amounts get integrated with other tithing sources, eg, checks put into the offering plate or special baskets for donations related to a guest speaker?  All tithing sources are merged within ECOG’s administration software to generate a single giving history for each tither. 

  • How can I make a one-time donation to a fund without needing to write a check or by giving cash?  With the mobile app, tithers can submit a one-time tithing transaction to an established fund right from the pew as they are moved by the guest speaker (eg, Gideons) or the special music (eg, New Life for Girls).  To enable this feature, funds within the Tithing application must be setup in advance.

  • Am I able to make a one-time donation if I already have recurring transactions created to tithe on a weekly (or other frequency) basis?  Yes, tithers are able to create and submit a one-time transaction as needed. 

  • How do I spread my tithe across different funds?  Tithers must create separate transactions to designate the desired fund.  For example, if a tither wants 75% of their regular tithe to go to the General Fund, 20% to the Building Fund, and 5% to a Youth Fund, they would need to create 3 separate tithing transactions. 

  • What feedback or information do I receive about my tithing transactions?  The Online Tithing product does a good job of sending information via email to the tither.  Confirmation emails are sent when transactions are created, as well as when they are executed.

  • What does it mean when I am asked about paying the processing fee?   Processing fees are assessed to ECOG for each tithing transaction.  The tither is given an option (NOT a requirement of the tither) of supporting that cost in addition to the amount of the tithe.  Processing fees vary based upon the amount of the tithe, type of transaction (bank account vs credit card), and the credit card being used. 

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