COVID Mitigation Updates

April 2021

Hand Sanitizer and Masks

Please make note that we continue to encourage participants in the building to wear masks and make use of the touchless hand-sanitizer stations that we offer. 


Seating During Worship

Right and left sections of the Sanctuary continue to be roped off.  The center section is completely open.  Please sit only in the areas so designated.  Worshipers may also sit in the Living Room or the Lobby during worship services.



We continue to make use of an offering box situated on the Deacon’s Table in the back of the Sanctuary where worshipers can place their tithes and offerings. Offerings may also be placed in one of the two metal offering boxes located at the upper and lower level entrances to the building. 


“Radio Church” Remains an Option

If you are not comfortable coming into the building but still want to be present with God’s people during Worship, you are welcome to worship outside by staying in your car and tuning into 89.9 FM on the radio.  



Paper copies of bulletins continue to be provided in the Sanctuary.  They are placed on stands at the entrances to the Sanctuary.  PLEASE take your bulletin with you when you leave; do not leave it in a place prompting someone else to collect it and dispose of it.  As an alternative to paper, you may download a copy of the current bulletin from our website.  


Fellowship Events and Serving Food

Fellowship events may still be held at the church provided no home-made food items are brought to share. All food items shared at church-sponsored fellowship events must meet the following categories: 

  • One, participants may bring pre-packaged un-opened store-bought items. 

  • Two, volunteers may prepare food items at the church and serve them. NOTE: This only applies to church-sponsored events. 

  • Those using the facilities for private events are exempt from this policy.

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