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COVID-19 Ministry Response


Are you able to serve those who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?  Do you personally have a need due to the crisis?  If so, contact our Lead Pastor, George Jensen, who will be the point person for our ministry response to the COVID-19 crisis.  Let's REALLY be a body of believers in the style of the Acts 2 church who "shared everything they had."  God's people who are healthy enough to serve may be called upon to check on others and run errands, shop for groceries or get medicine for those in need.  If you can help or if you need help call Pastor Jensen on his cell phone at 717-580-7390.  Watch for more information to come regarding how we as a church can respond in MINISTRY (one of the five purposes of our church) to this crisis.




As many of you know, the medical community is in need of face masks. ECOG's very own Diana Bridges is working in connection with a local group here in our area to make face masks. If any of you have been blessed by God with the ability to sew, making face masks is a great way to serve that you may want to consider. According to Diana, she works at home alone with her sewing machine (not with a group - that's not advisable at this point). The masks she makes consist of material, an elastic band and a piece of a furnace filter. All masks are then bagged in Ziploc bags and transported to local drop off points. If God has blessed you with the talent of sewing and you would like to serve in this manner, please contact Diana. If you need her phone number, look in the church directory or contact Pastor Jensen (for her privacy, we will not give out her number in public). Please direct all questions to her - the staff and leadership are not knowledgeable enough in this area to answer your questions but Diana definitely is. Thank you and many blessings to all who are serving people and our Lord in creative ways like this!




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